We must act as stewards of the environment in order to leave the best possible world behind and help preserve the life of our oceans for future generations.

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Non-Evasive / Population Assurance

Our livelihood is dependent on a harmonious and balanced relationship with nature. We strictly follow conservation periods of seasonal fishing to allow local populations to rebuild their numbers in their natural cycles. We also seek to protect endangered sea turtle species by only purchasing from trap boats that use TED nets (Turtle Escape Devices).

Worker Safety

Our boats operate and are in compliance with all safety regulations and protocols. We do not purchase from any boats that dive fish for lobster. As we honor the environment and work to assure its continued bounty, we also honor the safety of everyone who works with us.

Promoting Aquaculture

We diversify our shrimp offerings with farmed shrimp, because aquaculture is integral in building sustainable fishing models while still meeting the growing demand for seafood products.

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